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Kunci Gitar Queen We Are The Champions

 Tone   F  
              Cm  Gm7  C 
  I Ve Paid My Dues 
                Cm  Gm7  C 
  And Time AFeater Time 
              Cm     Gm7  C 
  I Ve Done My Sentence 
                 Cm  Gm7  C 
  But Commited No Crime 
            Eb  Ab 
  And Bad Mistakes 
             Eb  Ab 
  I Ve Made A Few 
             Eb            Bb  D        Cm 
  I Ve Had My Share Of Sand Kicked In My Face 
     F7          Bb   C 
  But I Ve Come Through 
 F          Am            Dm  Bb C 
  We Are The Champions   My Friend 
     F           Am                 Bb  D  F# 
  And We Ll Keep On Fighting Till The End 
 Gm                   Bbm           Bbo 
  We Are The Champions   We Are The Champions 
 F           Eb  G          Ab6         Bb7     Cm7 
  No Time For Loosers  Cause We Are The Champions 
         Fm7  Gm7  C   
  Of The World 
               Cm  Gm7  C 
  I Ve Taken My Bows 
                Cm  Gm7  C 
  And My Curtain Calls 
  You Brought Me Fame And Fortune  
                               Gm7  C 
  And Everything That Goes With It 
             Cm  Gm7  C 
  I Thank You All 
                         Eb  Ab 
  But It S Been No Bed Of Roses 
             Eb  Ab 
  No Pleasure Cruise 
  I Consider It A Challenge  
                  Bb  D  Cm 
  Before The Whole Human Race 
     F7            Bb   C 
  And I Ain T Gonna Lose 

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